I need not tell you how stunned I am at the Republican victory and, of course, especially at the defeat of Martha Coakley, who truly deserved the seat and is a WOW Woman. I think that although sexism is not being discussed as a direct cause for Brown’s victory, there was a deep subliminal sexist component in all this, Obama or not Obama. Her opponent was a “sexy” hunk (ugh) and he did use a lot of overt sexist language in his campaign. And Coakley did not meet the sexist expectations of warmth and “womanliness” in a woman—i.e. she was not “a dish” or talk about baking cookies. It’s not the whole reason but it’s there, and it smarts. The funny thing is the MA voters voted Republican against Obama for behaving just like a Republican himself. It’s a vote against Bush and yet it’s on Obama’s watch. The voters repudiated him for his swing to the right and for his backing of the banksters and special interests and proliferation of more expensive and devastating wars. Of course, the fact that LGBT rights have been thrown under the bus does not even seem to register on the radar. Very complex and yet transparently simple. But terrible for our cause. We shall see. I am curious to learn how others on this site read this shocking development. In sisterhood, Mil

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 PS Here is an article in today’s Newsweek by Eleanor Cliff about Martha Coakley and “the woman thing.” http://blog.newsweek.com/blogs/thegaggle/archive/2010/01/20/coakley-and-the-woman-thing.aspx