If you go to a CVS pharmacy for emergency contraception, or to refill a monthly birth control prescription, their corporate policy allows employees to refuse to serve you in the store, even if there isn’t anyone else on duty who’s willing to do so and there is no other pharmacy available to you.

CVS, a company that takes in more prescription revenue than any other pharmacy in the United States, should ensure that there is always someone on duty at each of their stores who’s willing to meet customers’ needs for legal, preventative health care.

CVS does not have a lot of pharmacies in WA State, however, they are building them (one at the bottom of Queen Anne). In 2009 a WA State Court ruled that the regulation that requires pharmacies to dispense valid prescriptions and drugs otherwise restricted by the FDA cannot be enforced against pharmacies that refuse to dispense emergency contraception.

The URL below links to a petition asking CVS to change this policy.