Welcome to 2020
Year of the Women’s Suffrage Centennial*
Year WOMEN may finally be in the Constitution
Year WE may elect a Woman as President of the United States
Year YOU can help us change the Laws in Washington State

On Monday, the WA state Legislature will return to Olympia for a short session – just 60 days. Legislators have been hard at work pre-filing bills to be worked on this session as well as carrying over bills that didn’t quite make it last session.

Many of those bills are important to you!

“The most startling thing I saw last year, when I was walking up to the Capitol to testify on your behalf, were 30 pure white busses. No name was on the sides of those busses. Who came on those busses? It was Anti-Choice people, there to try to convince our legislators to change our laws to pre-1970 Washington, when there was no choice. Before the National Organization for Women worked to change our laws to allow women to choose what was best for them when they were pregnant. We showed up. The people voted YES.”
– Terri Lindeke, Seattle NOW Board Member & State NOW Liaison 

Seattle NOW needs you to show up on Wednesday January 22nd – the Anniversary of Roe vs Wade. Let the legislature know that the people on those 30 buses do NOT speak for you – YOU do. Ask for the day off today, to join in with women from across the state who believe in equal rights for women.

There is no registration cost for NOW Lobby Day and no lobbying experience is required to participate.

Just come and be yourself. You make the difference.

Participants will be responsible for their own transportation and food. Carpooling is a great way to get to Lobby Day. Talk to your sister NOW members, your friends and neighbors to come along with you.

Where: YWCA of Olympia – 220 Union Ave SE, Olympia, WA 98501

Schedule for Wednesday, January 22, 2020:

08:30am: Registration Open
09:00am: Orientation
11:30am: Meetings with Lawmakers

Please RSVP to TerriLindeke@gmail.com

Please include your address so we can schedule an appointment with your legislators. We will send details on where to meet and answer any questions you may have.