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JUNE 3, 2020: 6:30 PM – 8: 30 PM PST
Module 1: Introduction

Goal: Introduction of definitions, terms, data resources and review of the most impacted geographic locations. Perceptions of Sex Trafficking vs. Realities of who is affected, economic factors and school, businesses, and family impact. Covid-19 impact on the sex trafficking cases based on economic factors.

Legislator Speaker: Tina Orwall, WA State (D) 33rd District Representative

Washington State House of Representatives passed ‘Safe Harbor’ legislation (House Bill 1775) to better help child survivors of sex trafficking. “Children cannot consent to sex. They are victims of serious crimes. Traffickers target the most vulnerable, which means our foster youth are the most at risk. These are kids in all our communities, and they are experiencing severe trauma and abuse that can last a lifetime. We need to help them heal.”

Featured Speaker: Khurshida Begum, President of ASHHO – SPC

Khurshida is the president for ASHHO, SPC, a social purpose corporation that provides professional speaking, training, and catering services. ASHHO, means to “come” in her native language, signifying that all people should come join because all people matter. As a human rights advocate and social justice activist, Khurshida has been honored for tirelessly educating and inspiring people to confront and combat human trafficking and all human exploitation. Khurshida has been a keynote speaker and presenter at many conferences, colleges, K-12 schools, faith-based groups, corporations, and organizations throughout the U.S, Bangladesh, Egypt and Morocco.

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