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JUNE 10, 2020: 6:30 PM – 8: 30 PM PST
Module 2: Grooming

Goal: Recognition of our sexualized cultural society’s co-relationship to sexual violence and sex trafficking grooming. Review of the mass economic range and diversity of cultural grooming and the transference into various levels of sex trafficking. Recognition of the girls at risk, and the intersection of race and sexism and its impact on grooming to include for LGBTQI youth. The impact of groomers on family relationships and various internet and related underbelly of daily targeted sex trafficking grooming.

Featured Speaker: Dr. Carolyn West, University of Washington – Psychology Div.

Dr. West is Professor of Clinical Psychology and Division Chair University of Washington. Courses include: Black Women and Sex Crimes and Sexual Violence. Dr. West was awarded the 2013 UW Distinguished Teaching Award and 2016 Distinguished Research Award. Author of more than 60 publications and the award-winning book, “Violence in the Lives of Black Women: Battered, Black, and Blue” (2004). Producer of documentary, “Let Me Tell Y’all Bout Black Chicks: Images of Black Women in Pornography” (2018). Sex Trafficking/Assault and DV Case Expert Witness and former WA Trafficking Prevention Board member.


Featured Speaker: Erik Gray, IHTCInnovations Human Trafficking Collaborative

Erik is Programs Director for IHTC – Innovations Human Trafficking Collaborative and founding partner of Queers Uniting to End Exploitation. Erik is a highly sought-after national speaker, human trafficking survivor expert, and community organizer in Olympia, WA. He seeks to revolutionize the systems that sought to serve him but failed. Erik takes focus in anti-trafficking work. He is a National Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance SOAR Certified trainer through the federal Office of Trafficking in Persons.  Erik championed gender and LGBTQI inclusion for CSE (commercial sexual exploitation) services in King county through his work at REST (Real Escape from the Sex Trade). Previously, he launched an emergency shelter focused on serving youth of color with YouthCare. He is the first male survivor advocate in Seattle, WA intentionally serving survivors of all genders. He has also served on the Kitsap County Human Rights Commission, as Student President of Olympic College, on multiple Diversity Advisory Boards and Bailey-Boushay HIV/AIDS hospice. Erik continues his dedication to public service through the City of Seattle Human Rights Commission Human Trafficking Taskforce Chair and as Chair of the Thurston County Human Trafficking Taskforce. He is the 2019 Recipient of the Unlikely Hero Award for his contributions towards ending human trafficking internationally.

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