WA State NOW unites with help from the Seattle NOW and Thurston County NOW Chapters for an empowering series throughout June featuring educational webinars, film screenings and insightful film panels!

JUNE 17, 2020: 6:30 PM – 8: 30 PM PST
Module 3: Advocacy & Lifeline Response Networks

Goal: Advocacy relationships within government task forces, coalitions, non-profit foundations and advocacy training programs for schools and businesses. Lifelines of resources including for all diverse communities and the interrelationship within the response and legislative advancements in advocacy.

Featured Speaker: Jeri Moomaw, Innovations Human Trafficking Collaborative (IHTC) 501.c3

Jeri is the founder and executive director of Innovations Human Trafficking Collaborative (IHTC) based in Olympia Washington. In 2016, she was awarded by Department of Justice for her work to improve the lives of trafficking survivors. For the past 16 years she has worked in Tribal communities and beyond with trafficking survivors, developing and overseeing prevention and intervention programs, creating curriculum and training modules focusing on combating commercial sexual exploitation, human trafficking, and gender-based violence. As someone who has been personally impacted by trafficking, she also knows first-hand the individual and collective toll it can take. Jeri is solution focused and works with communities, agencies, and organization to identifying service gaps, enhance opportunities to identify victims and to improve screening and response protocols in a trauma informed care and multi-cultural focus. Jeri is a consultant for the Dept. of Homeland Security Blue Campaign and a member of the Office of Victim of Crime and the Office on Trafficking in persons (NHTTAC) consultant network as a human trafficking subject expert.

Featured Speaker: Mar Brettmann, Businesses Ending Slavery & Trafficking (BEST) 501.c3

Mar worked as a university professor, teaching, and researching on topics of human rights, philosophy, and religion. In her research, she found herself increasingly concerned about the brutal exploitation that takes place through human trafficking. In 2011, Mar participated in a conversation of human trafficking experts who were advising a charitable foundation on interventions to prevent trafficking. The experts said that businesses were key to prevention yet were largely missing from the national response. BEST was created to fill that gap. As the Founding Executive Director, Mar is an author of the impactful book, “Theories of Justice” and educates business leaders on needed tools to implement socially responsible strategies that prevent human trafficking.

Featured Speaker: Alisa Bernard, Organization for Prostitution Survivors (OPS) 501.c3

Alisa Bernard has served OPS in a variety of capacities since 2013 including in her current role as Executive Director of Education and Partnerships. In addition to co-directing OPS, Alisa is known for her expertise on multi-prong and asymmetric policy model responses to CSE and the impacts these approaches have as they are implemented within American social structures. She is an independent consultant, educator and presenter having consulted to organizations and agencies across the US, including: Demand Abolition and World Without Exploitation. She is a founding member of King County’s Ending Exploitation Collaborative, is a member of the King County CSEC Taskforce, represents OPS on the Washington State Anti-Trafficking Task Force and sits on numerous public and private advisory boards. She developed and delivers an online skill-building and empowerment mentoring series for survivors of CSE.

Featured Speaker: Leslie Briner, YouthCare 501.c3;U of WA School of Social Work 

For over 20 years, Leslie Briner has served families experiencing homelessness, youth with developmental disabilities, youth in the foster care system and, since 2005, has worked with commercially sexually exploited (CSE) youth. She has designed, implemented and directed services for sexually exploited and trafficked youth and developed comprehensive training on the topics of sexual exploitation and trafficking. To date, she has trained over 7000 people as well as providing substantial technical assistance and consultation on these issues in Washington State and across the country. Leslie works as a consultant with YouthCare and operates Social Strategies, a training and consulting practice based in Seattle, Washington as well as being Associate Faculty at the University of Washington, School of Social Work where she earned her Master’s in Social Work (MSW).

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