Seattle NOW is a Community Partner with UFCW21. We are actively involved in working with UFCW21 and other local unions whose membership is predominantly women because that is a major venue where our work can make a positive and concrete difference.,

Dear community and labor partners,

We are still at the bargaining table and do not have any details to report at this time. Have no doubt; we are as curious as you are as to what is occurring there. What we do know is that the bargaining could continue right up to the deadline of 7pm tonight. The best way to get news of a strike as quickly and accurately as possible is to please stay tuned to the Stand With Our Checkers website . If you haven’t already, you can sign up for text and/or email alerts.

As soon as you hear of a chain being struck, if you are able to join a picket line at the store you have adopted (or at the store nearest you that has a picket line forming if your store of choice happens to not be targeted), that would be highly appreciated. I wish we could give you more information at this time, but we do not have any insight as to what to expect. We will be ready for anything, either staffing strike lines or hopefully celebrating the news of a tentative agreement.

Thank you again for everything you have done. The overwhelming outpouring of support has bolstered our members over this very difficult time. They certainly will not forget the kind words they have heard from each of you.

In Solidarity,