I-1600 is less than 30 days away from the deadline to get all the signatures into the Secretary of State. 522,000 Washington State residents don’t have any healthcare, and most of the rest of us are underinsured. Change is in our hands now.

Insurance rates are going up 19% on average in Washington State next year, which will be devastating for working families. Trump wants to remove pre-existing conditions protection, which puts many of us or loved ones at risk. The state of our current healthcare system is failing, but the Universal Healthcare of I-1600 brings health equality, security, and freedom to all Washington State residents. The campaign needs help urgently.

If you haven’t already, order a petition today. Have a filled petition? Nice Job! Send it in today so they can add it to the count ASAP. If you need help getting your petition turned in please call 206-304-9418 for assistance.

If you have a petition and need more signatures, check out the list of signature gathering opportunities here.

If you can’t get signatures, you can always donate to the campaign so they can print literature, pay tabling fees, and advertise.

Again, this is on each one of us to make it happen. It’s a People’s Initiative. Don’t let this chance slip away so that we have to wait one, two, or ten more years to get the coverage we need.

Discover more: www.yeson1600.org

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