As of January 19, 2015 you will no longer be able to fly on a domestic commercial flight or enter a Level 4 Security Government Building UNLESS you have a current passport, current Enhanced Driver’s License or current Enhanced State ID card. Contact your Congressional Delegation.
For Seattlites, read this and please call. For others who live in places where the Social Security Offices are in a Level 4 Federal Building, contact your legislators.
The information below has been confirmed as correct:
As a result of the Real ID Act, effective January 19, 2015, the Washington State Driver License will no longer be an acceptable form of identification for entrance to the Jackson Federal Building and the Federal Office Building which are level 4 buildings. Visitors will be required to show a passport or a Washington State Enhanced Driver License to enter the buildings.
This requirement will exclude many, if not most Social Security recipients from entering the building and accessing the Social Security office.
In addition, the same requirement will exist to fly out of any airport in the state of Washington. Please contact the following people and express your anger at this new obstacle to accessing services for which all of us have paid. PSARA and the Social Security Works WA Coalition will be discussing what we can do to try and reverse this new and terrible decision to sharply limit access.
In the meanwhile, please contact the elected Representatives and Senators listed below with the message that the new access requirements are completely unacceptable.

Rep. Adam Smith – contact Debra Entenman (425) 793-3711

Rep. McDermott – contact Olivia Robinson (206) 553-7170
Sen. Cantwell – contact Sara Crumb (206) 220-6400
Sen. Murray – contact Mindi Linquist (206) 553-0891