SB 1070
harsh and inhumane law passed by the Arizona legislature would require local law enforcement
officers who have a “reasonable suspicion” that someone is in the state without
documents to determine that person’s immigration status. Arizona police would
be able to subject any person to an immigration status check, even without any
suspicion of violation of laws and would also allow citizens to sue a city,
town or county if they believe a law enforcement agency is failing to
enforce the law.

 The bill was just signed  by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’. According to the Los Angeles Times, even Arizona’s
local law enforcement and city administrators worry that the law will lead to racial profiling and
drain scarce resources.

May 1 actions across state to protest Arizona law, call for reform now
April 26, 2010
The passage of law an Arizona law last week which requires local police officers
 to question anyone about their immigration status if there is “reasonable suspicion”
that someone is in the state without documents has led to hundreds of protests and
vigils in Arizona and around the country.  The passage of the law intensifies the
urgent need for comprehensive immigration reform and has accelerated interest in
 events across the country, including in Washington state. This Saturday, May 1,
 hundreds of thousands will join solidarity events across the country to demand
comprehensive immigration reform and denounce the Arizona law.
On Friday, President Obama strongly criticized the Arizona bill and called for a
 federal overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws instead. This Thursday, a number
of influential Republicans, including former Gov. Jeb Bush and former Secretary
of Commerce under George W. Bush, Carlos Gutierrez, will join Hispanic Evangelical
leaders in demanding immigration reform this year.
On April 10, in one of the two largest rallies across the country, over 7,000 people
from across Washington state travelled to Seattle to demand that a Senate bill be
introduced before May 1.  This Saturday, events will take place in every corner
of the state to follow up on this demand, to keep the pressure on to pass immigration
reform in 2010, and to denounce the harsh law in Arizona.  We invite everyone to
 participate in these events and demand immigration reform this year!
Washington State May 1 Events [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103345599195&s=6769&e=001tjDbH1PwgASOv1kx5PlGsACamILoWzRdy25gENsvx3YGf2JDRKeVl0cNitsnxjxZRjQuMjhh95bsC8aryOZIrQDIXYRXDXIQS1qRrnFXPypX0XKSK1snHIlwVjtrMCEA]
Seattle, WA: May 1st March
12 p.m. – Rally at
Judkins Park
12:30 p.m. – March
Organizer: El  Comite [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103345599195&s=6769&e=001tjDbH1PwgASIXPXm7mK7YEPsWYzPYpO-sGCm7bNr2_URSTeOdI_X2LjIH1E-lx8fI_9S0JUoycm1GsFn6VS12Npbte2f5atSAVj3PFkyN4_N8XQbWegbgOcunlXPlRAtCuXbnzWVMoUFoeUpl9vWUC–IrCgUiLCqPQYtNy7nRlL-GDIU7xHK4HoN174YZ8-EOy17ghaITsP6XAnXwQomg==]
Yakima, WA: May 1st
Meet at 10 am at Miller Park,
North 4th Street and “E” Street
Organizer contact:
Phone #:206.452.8412
Wenatchee, WA: May 1st
March and Candle Vigil
5 pm – March from Walla Walla
Park to Lincoln Park.
Organizer contact: David@weareoneamerica.org
#: 206.452.8412
Walla Walla, WA: May 1st
March to Cathy McMorris Rodgers Office
10:30 a.m. – Meet at
Jefferson Park
March ends at Rep. McMorris
Rodgers’ office at 12pm.
Organizer: Kendra@weareoneamerica.org
#: 206.452.8413
Mount Vernon, WA: May 1st
Interfaith Prayer Vigil and Candlelight Procession to Courthouse
p.m.-Mision del Valle Assembly of
God church in downtown Mount Vernon, 1211 S. 2nd St.
Phone #: 206.452.8413
WA: Kennewick March and Rally
Park at 3 p.m.
Organizer: David@weareoneamerica.org
Phone #: 206.452.8412
Vancouver, WA: May 1st
Walk and Vigil
Location: Leave from
Fort Vancouver
Trust  O. O. Howard House,
750 Anderson Street, to Esther Short Park. Vigil starts after walk.
6:00 pm
Organizer: Elsa@weareoneamerica.org
Phone #: 360.253.2874
Tacoma, WA: Kids Write-a-thon
for Reform
Send in letters to 1225 S.
Weller Ave, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98144
A delegation will deliver
letters to Rep. Smith and Rep. Dick’s offices in Tacoma.
Phone Number: 253.988.7202
Centralia, WA: May 1st
Rally for Reform
Location Washington Park,
Centralia, WA on the corner of Main and South Pearl
Time: 11 a.m.
Organizer: Elsa@weareoneamerica.org
Phone#: 306-508-2521
Fast Facts on Arizona’s New Law [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103345599195&s=6769&e=001tjDbH1PwgASFNEKf-meZcOJ8saUm04y0G-h32TsgP8YHu5sBE1IN6RaeHwNSCTufHedVLTddOVHWcsCSwxm1tD928Opobl36Ituk1Ujn8dOGWmHHNS724d9VLxyu4jAZNAxsnl2Attqmt3cPzmU36D_kW_Pzc6Rg9BuhX9wsnOywXUZ7xmdyRg==