Minimum Wage & Sick and Safe Leave Bill passes through the WA State House of Representative & OurWalmart was in the House!!

OurWalmart’s Kenny James and Gerry Paladan told Speaker of the House Fran Chopp how much HB 1355 means to Walmart workers, some in WA State who are forced to live in their cars because they don’t make enough to afford housing. The bill proposes to increase the minimum wage to $12 over four years and allows all workers in the state to earn and use their paid sick leave on the first day they are sick. All 51 Democrats voting YES.

It was an honor to represent OurWalmart and all Walmart associates during this historic moment when the WA State House of Representatives passed an increase to our minimum wage and mandatory paid sick leave. This builds on Walmart’s recent announcement to increase their minimum wage to $9 and then $10 next year as well as enable our colleagues to use their sick leave on their first day.

We are definitely pleased, that Walmart has taken a step in the right direction, and we are hopeful that they will continue to address our concerns, as we strive to make our workplace better, increasing the quality of our lives, which, in turn creates a wonderful shopping experience for our customers.

Kenny James

Action Alert:
Join Walmart workers in WA State-Call on your Senator to support SB 5285
(the Senate version of Min wage & Paid Sick and Safe Leave). Leave them a message by calling: 1.800.562.6000