I wanted to let you know that we’ve heard back from the Nebraska Commission on Judicial Qualifications. They have decided not to investigate Peter Bataillon, the judge who denied a 16-year-old woman’s request for judicial approval for an abortion and instead, before even hearing her case, admonished her that an abortion would “kill the child inside” her.

Needless to say, we are extremely disappointed by their decision. Judge Bataillon’s behavior from the bench, along with his history of anti-choice activism, revealed a clear bias that meant he never should have heard that case – or any case where a woman’s reproductive freedom was at stake.

But stronger than my disappointment is my extraordinary pride in the nearly 100,000 people who signed on to our letter calling on the commission to investigate Judge Bataillon. People from all across the country stood firmly on the side of one 16-year old from Nebraska, and for the principle that anyone who walks into a courtroom has the right to have her case decided based on the facts, not on the narrow ideology of a man in robes sitting high behind a bench. I cannot thank you enough for your amazing support of this important action.

You can be assured that we’re not going to stop going after people like Judge Bataillon. No woman should ever have to justify an abortion to a judge, but so long as the law requires it in some places, those women must have a fair hearing in front of an unbiased judge who will protect their rights.

Thank you again for your extraordinary commitment to reproductive freedom. I’m proud to work with you.