Please join us on Saturday, May 7 noon to 3 PM to get out the vote by registering voters for upcoming elections.

Please join Seattle NOW and the 1st Legislative District’s campaign to register people to vote. It is easy, fun and you will feel great afterward.

You will be trained with a script, how to use the walking list, have a partner and a clipboard and registration forms before we head out

To win Republicans have to lie and restrict voting. In every state with a Republican governor, it has become increasingly difficult to exercise our right to vote. In WA it is somewhat better, with a mail-in ballot, but we need voter turnout for a progressive win on Federal and State seats. We need a big voter turn out to take back our State Senate and to increase our majority in the House, not to mention the need to retain our state’s progressive Congress men and women, Governor Jay Inslee and Senator Murray!

We start at 12 noon at Linda Tosti-Lane’s house :
Please call (425) 299-2869 for directions and confirmation.

And from there we go to Mountlake Terrace precincts. The precincts we call on are chosen because they have good democratic turn out. We will probably carpool and be within blocks of each other as we knock on doors.

Linda will have fresh coffee, tea, water, some fresh fruit and snack bars to keep us going.

If you are unable to make the May 7th Voter Registration, the other dates to reserve are: May 28th, June 11th and 25th, July 9th and 23rd.
All of the dates are Saturday and the time is NOON to 3pm.

No need to RSVP if you are coming on May 7th. If you are coming on other dates, please confirm by calling Linda at (425) 299-2869