Susan Wicklund MD at Montana clinic requesting help.

November, 2010

Greetings Pro-Choice Supporters,

We need your help. Mountain Country is still here, entering our 22nd month of caring for women, primarily focusing on first trimester abortion care here in Southwestern Montana and beyond. To date, we have seen over 750 patients from a huge geographical area. Grab the map and imagine driving (or taking a bus) from Williston, ND, Rapid City, SD, Pocatello, ID, Casper, WY or Glendive, MT to Livingston MT to obtain basic women’s health care, which is what abortion care is. Some of our patients could travel to clinics closer to their homes, but choose to come see us for many reasons: our excellent reputation, our patient based model of individual care, our policy of never turning anyone away, and our commitment to seeing patients on a very timely basis.

We have seen patients every day of the week, (yes, even on Sunday). We’ve found homes for patients to spend the night. We’ve given patients food to take home, money for bus rides and hope for their futures. In return we have had hundreds of hugs with heartfelt thanks, wonderful cards and letters, gifts of flowers, jewelry, books and homemade cookies. Some days we leave the clinic satisfied we have done “good medicine”, and other days we leave frustrated with the health care system in general or horrified at some of the stories we hear from our patients. We start each day knowing it could completely change directions mid-day, but we roll with it.

But we’re at a critical point and need some emergency working capital ASAP. The protesters last Saturday were particularly nasty, even trying to hide behind a nearby building, watching our back door, where they thought our security cameras wouldn’t see them.  At the end of the day I was trying to pay bills, anticipating some future expenses that are out of the ordinary, wondering where the money will come from. I called a friend who always seems to come up with the best solutions, and mentioned the protesters of the day. She suggested I put out a call for help from all of you from the past Pledge-a-Picketer Campaign.

It is hard for me to ask for help, but MCWC really needs it right now. If you would like details, please call me at the clinic and I will be more specific.  We are set up to take donations online at to meet some of these critical and immediate expenses, or mail help to the address below.

Thank you SO much!
Currently, MCWC is not a 501(c)(3) organization, though we are certainly non-profit in every other sense of the word. There is, however, a “sister” organization here in Livingston that is a 501 (c) (3), non-profit with a critical mission of helping women with little resources pay for abortion care at Mountain Country Women’s Clinic.   It is called the Trust Women Fund. Please check out their website at
They are set up to receive tax-deductible donations on-line.

I hope you can help today.

Holding out hope for CHOICE for women,
Susan Wicklund MD