Please join us at the Seattle League of Women Voters March forum on climate:

March Action Forum: Women & Climate Change: Connecting Around the World

Thursday, March 4, 7:30 PM

Town Hall
1119 8th Ave. (at Seneca Street), Seattle, WA –

The International Relations Committee is planning this forum, which will focus on women around the world, the challenges climate change presents to the poorest of them, and action we can take to help change that. Climate change hits women in poor countries especially hard – as they plant and grow food, collect water and gather firewood, and nurture their children. The goals of the forum are to better understand the effects of climate change on these women, to connect the dots between our lives and theirs, and to explore the action we can take here that will improve their lives there. Opportunities for action will begin at the forum. As usual, admission will be free. We hope you will put this date on your calendar now – and join us then!