Are you organized and great with numbers? Do you have ideas for improving financial efficiencies? Are you a team player and have some experience with fund raising or are interested in gaining more experience? Consider joining the Board of Directors and help us fill our treasurer position!

The benefits of being a NOW Board member far outweigh the work. As a Board member, you will feel the relief of redirecting your anger and frustration about sexism and injustice toward making our community a more just place for women and find pleasure in working with other like-minded feminists. Don’t stand back and wait for others to step forward…. we need your energy and ideas.

In order for our Board to be representative of our diverse and strong feminist ideals, we encourage our members of color, lesbian and gay, young and old, differently-abled, large and small, and other underrepresented feminists to join the Seattle NOW Board in its work to achieve equality for all.

Please contact us at for more information or to let us know you’d like to come on board!