Wednesday, September 3, 2014
4:15 – 8:00 PM

John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence

2445 3rd Ave S, Seattle, Washington 98134

This event’s prime sponsor is Stop Sexual Assault in High School

CRITICAL DEMONSTRATION WED. SEPT 3 at 4:15 onwards. This is the OPTIMAL TIME TO DEMONSTRATE YOUR DISGUST because the District is conducting discussions about the Garfield rape victim. If you let them get away with this, another child will be next. . . . . Your support for the victim, her family, and other victims must happen this week. 75-100+ people are needed to express their outrage for discounting sexual assault, the negligence that led to this easily preventable rape/sodomy (and other students’ assaults), lawlessness, the civil rights violations that earned the District a federal investigation. See “Fix the Omission”

Posters: Easily preventable sexual assault/willful negligence/lawlessness/ Peaslee resign!

If there is one good deed to do for this effort, please do it on Sept 3rd! Because our first group of demonstrators will have returned to college, we need your help. Enlist your non-profit/spiritual community. Bring your kids after school, friends, meet others who care. Show up late if necessary! Fill up your car! .

Arrive anytime after 4:15. Parking is available!

This week: please write a short email to the list below expressing disgust at the District’s negligence, hollow promises, and ongoing violations after the 2012 rape as demonstrated in the District’s own documents. See “Fix the Omission “A sea of outrage rose up against Director Peaslee’s tonedeaf remarks at the Board meeting. .” more outrage at:

In addition: ask for School Board President Peaslee’s resignation. Write: She’s the reason why victims are afraid to report.Watch her outrageous performance–end of school board video

If you can’t be at the Sept 3rd demonstration, let us know if you can come on Thursday. If you can’t come, picket school district building Tuesday during hours when employees enter/leave the building/lunch. Address is above.

Who will help? Check out GHS’s alum’s site:

Victims of sexual assault may contact Kyle Stokes of KPLU.”It’s an important topic that’s been so under-reported. I hope stories like yours might spur action on the part of districts and lawmakers to revisit their current rules and protect students from going through what you did in the future.” Youth & Education Reporter \\\ KPLU News \\ Quirksee \ Twitter \ cell 952.261.5826 \ office 206.922.1029

We can be victorious with your help!