After several months of negotiations, a majority of the workers at the Red Lion Hotel Seattle Airport signed a petition authorizing a boycott of their hotel.  While the workers have not officially called for a boycott at this time, they are letting the public know that a boycott is a distinct possibility in the near future in the event they cannot reach a fair agreement with the hotel.

The workers, many of whom have worked at the Red Lion for close to a decade, are fighting for contract language that would protect their jobs and their Union if the hotel or restaurant (Gregory’s) were to be sold or if a subcontractor took over the work.  The company has stood strong in its opposition to “no subcontracting” language and full protections for restaurant workers if the Red Lion were to sell the restaurant to a separate company.  At this date there has been no agreement from the company about contracting out hotel jobs.


You can support the Union members at the Red Lion Seattle Airport by calling the company and urging them to settle a fair contract that includes strong job security language.  Tell them that you appreciate the workers who keep the hotel running and that you will honor the boycott when it goes into effect.
Call and/or fax Krisann Hatch, Red Lion’s Human Resources Vice President.
Phone:  (509) 777-6350   Fax:
(509) 325-7324

Please utilize our force majeure language in all contracts with the Red Lion Hotel Seattle Airport to protect your organization in the event of a labor dispute and check with UNITE HERE! Local 8 before booking new business.  Stay tuned regarding the official launch of the worker-called boycott.

If you have questions, please call me at (206) 470-2978 or send me an email at