Tired of homophobia that still seems to surround many sporting events!? Did you know that the Seattle Mariner’s are the only major league sports team that does not host a Gay Pride Event or Night to support the community that supports them? NOW is the time for action! Sign our online petition requesting the Seattle Mariner’s host a Gay Pride Event to support the LBGT community!

Ever since last May, Seattle NOW has been collecting signatures, both online and on paper. We currently have over 500 names and will meet soon with the Mariners to present the petitions!

Background Information

At a May 26th game, a Seattle Mariners usher reportedly told two women at Safeco Field to stop kissing during a game because it was making other fans uncomfortable. Since the incident was first reported, much depbate has occurred about what actually happened. Later reports allege the couple was not simply kissing, but were violating Safeco’s policy for fans at the ballpark, because the public displays of affection included “making out and grouping.” The Mariners’ code of conduct officially prohibits “unacceptable behavior” including abusive language, obscene gestures, drunkenness and “displays of affection not appropriate in a public, family setting.”

The Seattle P-I reported (“The Big Blog” 6/5/08) that the Mariners interviewed the usher, the women, and oathers involved and the game and concluded their staff resolved the issue appropriately and did not disciminate based on the couple’s sexual orientation. Regardless of the outcome of this particular incident, we think encouraging the Mariners to host a Pride Event during the team’s season is an excellent opportunity to continue our work to make Seattle a welcoming city for all individuals, couples, and families.

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