when obama hired larry summers and geithner he began to lose  credibility with me

bernanke being on time’s cover as man of the year only reinforced this

i can see why obama hired these guys

rationally – who else knew how to understand the tangle but those who tangled it

it was hard for me to grasp at first too – all the derivatives and gambling

however – humpty dumpty has fallen off the wall – and all the kings horses and all the kings men

propping up too big to fail  brigands will not work

corporations running things assures a sociopathic system

and the mainstreet people know what happened

healthcare is smeared with the distrust of this massive fraud that was perpetrated right infront of our faces

even many of those who drank the obama koolaide no longer trust their leader

i gleen most of my news from talking to people

healthcare reform is again as confusing as the derivatives

most though they want a public option,  are sure this legislation is now the same as the “bailout” fraud

i believe that was the overt push for the election outcome

the he’s cute factor  – the she’s not a mom-sister-wife so she must be whore factor

much more subtle

more insidious

so many of our sheros who dare to be a woman

the surfers on the front of the wave

get hit with the hardest blows

i have always thanked hillary for being that kind of surfer

i think we have seen this again in this election

susan lebow