Join the Seattle NOW Booth at the Fremont Street Fair & Parade on June 22nd & June 23rd 2019 

It’s a tradition! Seattle NOW has been engaging with members and friends at the Fremont Street Fair for years. It’s our way of asking women of all ages what their hot button issues are so we can plan our legislative and action plans for the coming year. 

With the upcoming Women’s Suffrage Centenial and 2020 Presidential Election it is more important than ever. We know that just calling it the Women’s Suffrage Centenial is wrong. The truth is it is the White Women’s Suffrage Centenial. Our sisters of color did not receive the right to vote 100 years ago. That’s important for all of us to recognize and remember. 

Please help us find out what our community of women are facing today and how we can help. Check out the steps outlined below, see what best fits your schedule and talents, and let us know how you would like to help!


* Time for Booth Design – create the best set up and design of our booth to welcome women in and feel comfortable sharing their hot button issues. 

* Help design materials for women to fill out in the booth or take away if they would feel more comfortable filling out in the comfort of their own home. 

* Help come up with our Parade Theme for Participating Members 

* Help write a script for Phone Calls to Members in May inviting them to come join in the Parade and/or help in the Booth at the Fremont Street Fair 

* Design a new button for 2019 


* Implement the Booth design – join a project team to make what is necessary 

* Make phone calls & send emails to members to invite them to join in the Parade or and come to the NOW Booth June 22 & 23rd 

* Help make the new buttons for those members and friends who come and participate in the booth June 22 & 23 


* Booth set up on Friday June 21st 

* Staff the booth for a 2-hour shift 

o 10AM to 8PM Saturday 

o 11AM to 6PM Sunday 

o Take down pack it up Sunday 6PM-7PM 


* Compile, analyze, report results of the Hot Button issues presented by our members and friends during the 2 days of the Fair in a report. 

* Develop a plan to address hot button issues