Over the past 15 days on Facebook there has been a campaign to gain support from the White House for passage of the ERA based on the three-state strategy. Women’s organizations, including NOW, are supporting this effort. Please read the information below and sign the petition.

The ERA White House petition (http://wh.gov/P6gP) has 9,683 signatures as of 8;30 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) today, needs 25,000 signatures by midnight (EST) on Feb. 9, and reaches the halfway point of the 30-day time limit at midnight (EST) tonight.

Do the math – then please spread the word both organizationally and personally as widely and often as possible through your member communications, websites, e-mail, Facebook pages, and other social media. You can also forward this message and invite people to link to the Facebook open event “ERA Petition Drive – We Need Your Signature” (https://www.facebook.com/events/136060129891835/).

As Luanne Smith of ERA Now reported at the Jan. 22 NCWO meeting, if the petition gets 25,000 signatures by midnight February 9, White House staff will review it, ensure it is sent to the appropriate
policy experts, and issue an official response. This 25,000 goal is not affected by the recent increase to 100,000 signatures by the We the People White House petition program.

If every NOW chapter and member follows up on this request, we can do it! Let’s show the White House that they need to move the ERA higher up on their policy agenda – and the more signatures we get over 25,000, the more attention will be paid!

Click on http://wh.gov/P6gP and add your name to the ERA petition* on the White House website ASAP, then spread the word.

For further information about the ERA, go to the newly redesigned www.equalrightsamendment.org website.
Vigorously support women’s rights by fully engaging in efforts to ratify the 1972 Equal Rights Amend petitions.whitehouse.gov
There are currently 35 states that have ratified the ERA and legal analysis suggests we may need just three more states for women to have equal rights under our Constitution. We ask you to support our efforts nationwide, particularly in the states that have not yet ratified the ERA: Alabama, Arizona…