Few talk about the perfectly normal choice many women make to not have children. Join us and author Kate Kaufmann on May 6th for a lively discussion on the implications of non-parenthood.

Do You Have Kids? is not a typical guide for finding solace in the midst of infertility or for consciously choosing not to have children. Rather, it serves as a roadmap for what the childless and childfree can expect as they navigate life. Non-moms by choice and by chance can learn from five generations’ advice and personal stories that detail the good, the bad, and the unexpected that comes from leading a fulfilling life without children.

Kate Kaufmann embarked on her life as a non-mom when she abandoned fertility treatments, quit her corporate job, and moved from the suburbs to a rural community to raise sheep. Since 2012, she has talked with hundreds of women ranging in age from twenty-four to ninety-one and advocates for better understanding of the childless/childfree demographic. Kate received an MFA in creative writing in 2016 from the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts and has a professional background in corporate staffing, training, and consulting. She’s lived in various urban, suburban, rural, and coastal communities and currently calls Portland, Oregon home. Her writing has appeared most recently in Conscious Connection, GirlTalk HQ, and the Washington Post. Visit her at www.katekaufmann.com.